A preview version of Boxes was introduced in GNOME 3.4. With GNOME 3.6, this application is joining the growing family of new GNOME applications.

Did You Know?

A development version of Boxes was used for various screenshots included in these release notes.

A lot of effort has been put into making Boxes work smoothly, e.g. when resizing the window of a running virtual machine. The new features implemented in 3.6 include:

  • Search: Both inside Boxes and in the overview mode of GNOME Shell.

  • Much improved look and feel and animations.

  • Reworked selection mode to make more consistent with GNOME Documents.

  • Allow customizing a box memory and disk size before it's created.

  • Make it possible to force the shutdown of hung boxes through an application menu item.

  • Allow renaming of boxes.

  • Indicate installations in progress.

  • Allow favoriting boxes.

  • Create virtual machines based on host capabilities and architecture.