GTK+ 3.6

  • GtkLevelBar is a new widget for displaying the strength or level or some quantity; you can see this used in the Power settings.

  • GtkIconView supports height-for-width layout.

  • GtkSpinButton can be oriented vertically. This is used in the new Clocks application.

  • GtkSearchEntry is a new subclass of GtkEntry that is set up to be used as a search entry; this is widely used to ensure consistent behavior and appearance of search entries.

  • GtkEntry lets you set Pango attributes for the text (e.g. to make it big or bold).

  • GtkMenuButton is another new widget. It shows a button that brings up a menu. This widget is used for the 'gears' menu in several applications.

  • The theming code now supports multiple backgrounds and transitions. Limited support for CSS animations is available too.