Use of Deprecated Libraries

  • Several applications (such as evolution-data-server, evolution-ews, folks, gnome-search-tool, gnome-session, gnome-shell, gnome-user-share, libgweather and network-manager-applet) now use GSettings as their storage backend instead of deprecated GConf.

  • alacarte and pitivi migrated from static PyGTK bindings to dynamic PyGObject introspection-based bindings. This makes the API of those modules automatically available to a wide variety of other programming languages and runtimes.

  • Disks and gvfs have been migrated from using dbus-glib to GDBus.

  • Several packages now use libsecret instead of gnome-keyring, such as Disks, empathy, gvfs, vinagre, and vino.

    The libsecret library is a new client for the Secret Service D-Bus API. It allows storage of passwords in a common way on the desktop.

  • Many packages migrated from GStreamer 0.10 to GStreamer 1.0, such as brasero, cheese, gnome-contacts, gnome-control-center, gnome-shell, pitivi, sound-juicer, sushi, and vala.

  • Many packages migrated from using gnome-doc-utils to yelp-tools for their documentation, such as accerciser, anjuta, brasero, eog, evince, gdm, glade, gnome-dictionary, gnome-color-manager, gnome-nettool, gnome-panel, gnome-system-log, gnome-terminal, gnome-user-share, gnote, gtk-doc, gucharmap, jhbuild, mousetweaks, nemiver, orca, seahorse, system-monitor, totem, and zenity.