Clutter 1.12

  • Added ClutterScrollActor, an actor that allows displaying large children, and scrolling the viewport to specific points (with or without implicit animation)

  • Added new multi-touch gesture actions, like ClutterZoomAction, ClutterPanAction, and ClutterRotateAction, as well as many fixes for multi-touch support on X11

  • Provides more implicitly animatable properties, as well as ClutterTransitionGroup (to group explicit transitions together) and ClutterKeyframeTransition (to describe a transition using key frames)

  • Added ClutterGridLayout, a layout manager that provides the same layout policy of GtkGrid

  • Layout managers now respect the easing state of the actors, so it's possible to easily animate layout transitions without requiring specific code inside ClutterLayoutManager implementations;

  • Added new easing modes defined by the CSS3 Transitions specification: steps, cubic-bezier, step-start, step-end, ease, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out.

  • API deprecations: ClutterMedia (the API is provided by Clutter-GStreamer); ClutterTexture (replaced by ClutterImage); ClutterCairoTexture (replaced by ClutterCanvas); ClutterAnimation, ClutterAnimator, ClutterState (replaced by implicit and explicit animations).