Use enterprise credentials to log into GNOME

If your network has an Active Directory or IPA domain available, and you have a domain account, you can use your domain credentials to log into GNOME.

If the machine has been successfully configured for domain accounts, users can log into GNOME using their accounts. At the login prompt, type the domain user name followed by an @ sign, and then your domain name. For example, if your domain name is and the user name is User, type:

In cases where the machine is already configured for domain accounts, you should see a helpful hint describing the login format.

Use enterprise credentials during Welcome screens

If you have not yet configured the machine for enterprise credentials, you can do so at the Welcome screens that are part of the GNOME Initial Setup program.

Configure enterprise credentials

  1. At the Login welcome screen, choose Set Up Enterprise Login.

  2. Type the name of your domain in the Domain field if it is not already prefilled.

  3. Type your domain account user and password in the relevant fields.

  4. Click Next.

Depending on how the domain is configured, a prompt may show up asking for the domain administrator’s name and password in order to proceed.

Change to use enterprise credentials to log into GNOME

If you have already completed initial setup, and wish to start a domain account to log into GNOME, then you can accomplish this from the Users panel in the GNOME Settings.

Configure enterprise credentials

  1. Open the Activities overview and start typing Users.

  2. Click on Users to open the panel.

  3. Click the Unlock button and type the computer administrator’s password.

  4. Click the [+] button in the lower left of the window.

  5. Click the Enterprise Login button.

  6. Enter the domain, user, and password for your Enterprise account, and click Add.

Depending on how your domain is configured, a prompt may show up asking for the domain administrator’s name and password in order to proceed.

Troubleshoot and advanced setup

The realm command and its various subcommands can be used to troubleshoot the enterprise login feature. For example, to see whether the machine has been configured for enterprise logins, run the following command:

$ realm list

Network administrators are encouraged to pre-join workstations to a relevant domain. This can be done using the kickstart realm join command, or running realm join in an automated fashion from a script.

Get more information

  • The realmd Administrative Guide provides more detailed information on using the enterprise login feature.